About Emilio
Emilio passion for art started very early on. As a child he would draw and paint anything he could think of. He knew that he wanted to become an artist as far back as he can remember so the creation of art has always been his ambition and goal.

With this ambition in mind Emilio studied arts at the Domen School of Arts in Gothenburg, Sweden, where Emilio lives, during three years. His talent reflected in the artworks he made trough out his entire education. His training centred painting, sculpting and graphics, which he created on a high skilled level. During his training he already stood out of the crowd with his talent and passion for art.

After trying out almost every media to produce art with, he got in touch with airbrush.
Quickly after trying out the airbrush for the first time he noticed that a photo-realistic effect could be created. Because of his artistic background and talents he mastered the airbrush technique very fast which showed-off in his artworks.
Ever since the airbrush became his trademark and medium to show the world his art seventeen years long until now.

Alongside the paintings he made sculptures and experimented with different materials since early on.

In 2000 he gained access to a workshop, where he came in contact with the process of making his sculptures in bronze. Ever since the majority of his sculpture are created in bronze. His creative art-stream is continuous, constantly growing and has turned him into a successful artist.